Flowers delivery in Odessa
and Odessa region

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Flowers delivery in Odessa

Bouquet of Roses *Red Rose* 7 pcs.

Price: 390 грн
Bouquet: Rose, Pistachio
Quantity: 7 pc.
Color: Red
Shape: Bouquet
Height: 60 cm
Pack: Paper, Tape
On holiday: The 14th of February, March 8

A delicate basket of Roses on occasion and without cause will be a wonderful gift!


1) Delivery to the exact time

2) Postcard with your text to order for free

3) Photo of the recipient with a bouquet

4) Delivery to the recipient's hands  

"In the absence of goods in the warehouse - the operator will offer another product (similar) for the order"

The composition can be collected individually according to your wishes.