Flowers delivery in Odessa
and Odessa region

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Flowers delivery in Odessa

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Price: 1350 грн
Bouquet: Peonies
Quantity: 9 pc.
Color: Pink
Shape: Round box
Pack: Tape, Round box 15 cm

A gentle "hat box mini" will be a perfect gift or a compliment in any case!

Cardboard material

Thickness of box - 1,5 mm

The box is covered with designer paper

Size: diameter 15 cm, height 19 cm.

Handles under the handle, logo.  


1) Delivery to the exact time

2) Postcard with your text to order for free

3) Photo of the recipient with a bouquet

4) Delivery to the recipient's hands  

"In the absence of goods in the warehouse - the operator will offer another product (similar) for the order"

The composition can be collected individually according to your wishes.